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Fontaine Trailers - Heavy Haul Truck Trailer

Kenworth Sales Company – Authorized Fontaine Truck Trailer Dealer

Enhancing product offerings is one of the best ways to provide our customers what they need to make their business succeed. That’s why in October of 2016, Kenworth Sales Company became an Authorized Fontaine Heavy Haul, Truck Trailer Dealer. Before making our decision on which truck trailer manufacture to go with, we had a set of criteria that they would need to meet.

  1. Variety of Product Offerings
  2. Reputation, Service and Support
  3. Product Quality with solid Research & Development, Design, Materials Specs, Engineering and Durability testing.

The decision wasn’t tough and Fontaine Heavy Haul Trailers won by a landslide. Based in Springville, Alabama, Fontaine Trailers is a solid American company with a history of making trailers since 1940. Today, Fontaine Trailers is the leading platform Truck Trailer manufacturer in the world.

Fontaine Heavy Haul Truck TrailerWhen it comes to product offerings, Fontaine’s line of Heavy Haul trailers accommodates all applications including Commercial, Construction, Multi-Axle, Extendable & Hydraulic applications. Below you’ll find some additional details about the different applications Fontaine Truck Trailers provide.

Commercial Trailer Solutions

Their Commercial solutions offers extendable trailers with mechanical or hydraulic gooseneck modes to suit the long haul as well as trailers that meet Canadian legal requirements.

Construction Trailer Solutions

When it comes to Construction, Fontaine trailers accommodate the growing need to haul bigger and heavier. One of the exciting aspects about Fontaine Trailers is their Research and Development – they make sure they have the range of trailer solutions to fit every construction need.

Multi-Axle Trailer Solutions

If you’re in the market for Multi-Axle trailers, Fontaine Trailers provides two or three axle jeeps, hydraulic or mechanical spreaders, flip axles and flip necks. If it’s over-sized or over-weight hauls, there isn’t anything that its Multi-Axle Class 60, Class 70, Class 80 trailers can’t provide.

Extendable Trailer Solutions

For unconventional load lengths Fontaine Trailers has extendable solutions that include platform, drop-deck, heavy-haul models with mechanical or hydraulic goosenecks.

Hydraulic Tail Solution

Finally, new to the Fontaine Trailer line-up is the Hydraulic Tail. The Fontaine HT has a bleeding-edge design with features that ensure ease-of-operation. With a 11 degree ramp angle, loading low clearance ground equipment is a thing of the past. Also, with its strengthened steel deck, 38 feet is clear for travel position. It also handles 40 tons evenly distributed or 33 tons concentrated in 16 feet.Whatever your application, Fontaine Heavy Haul Trailers has it. We know by offering their products to our customers, your work will get done with the best trailer in the world.

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