Kenworth Sales Co, Jerome Location Goes Above & Beyond for Canyonside Transport


We always love a good service story and team Jerome, ID went above and beyond for Canyonside Transport. Eddie was called in after hours for a late pick up and was able to bring the service hours down to 5 hours for a speed sensor (normally 8 hours). Canyonside spent over $5000 on this particular truck with past shops and was delighted that Eddie was able to figure it out in 2 hours time. What makes this story extra special is that because of this, Canyonside is back on the road but more importantly, back in business.

KWSCO Jerome Location

Kenworth Sales Company is proud of our employees and Eddie exemplifies the spirit and service that has made this company great. Thank you Canyonside Transport for your business and Thank You Eddie for stepping up and getting the job done right!




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