When you need real-time diagnostics to maximize uptime, Kenworth TruckTech+ and NAV+HD comes equipped in the Kenworth T680 Smart Technologies.


Get real-time feedback and coaching tips on how to maximize fuel economy and brake life.


KW Predictive Cruise Control utilizes GPS data to anticipate topographic changes, and adjusts RPM and speed so that fuel economy is maximized.


Forward radar monitors and maintains a constant following distance from any slower-moving vehicle ahead.  This feature can also anticipate and act to avoid an imminent collision.

Driver Performance Center

To drive a truck efficiently, drivers must track fuel, vehicle and safety systems performance on the go. But good information isn’t the only thing the Kenworth Driver Performance Center offers. The quality, clarity and visual in real-time presentation also means a lot when you’re focused on the road. The 5-inch full color, high resolution screen is an industry first. At a glance, it tells you everything you need to know about operating in the sweet spot between performance and efficiency. Truck diagnostics and performance indicators pop up to alert the driver. Trip details and multiroute comparisons allow them to maximize performance every day.

Kenworth T680 Smart Technologies
Adaptive Cruise Control
Kenworth Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) can make driving trucks safer and less fatiguing. Integrated with your normal cruise control system, ACC “reads” traffic conditions via front-facing radar sensor and modulates the throttle and the brakes to keep your truck at a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front of it. Then, when the road is clear, the system will re-accelerate the vehicle back to the set speed.

Side Object Detection

Kenworth Side Object Detection

The side object detection system continuously monitors a truck’s blind spots and provides the driver with audible and visual alerts when an object or vehicle has entered these zones — invaluable when making a lane change or negotiating tight delivery sites.

Collision Mitigation

Kenworth Collision Mitigation

Far beyond a mere warning system, Kenworth collision mitigation detects when the truck may be about to collide with another vehicle or object, alerts the driver and takes pre-emptive braking action — when necessary — to avoid or considerably reduce the severity of a crash.

Lane Departure Warning
Kenworth Lane Departure Warning

Kenworth’s lane departure warning system helps combat lane drift due to fatigue and
distractions. The system continually monitors the truck’s location related to lane markings and automatically emits a distinctive audible warning whenever an unintended lane change (unsignaled) is detected — alerting the driver to make a correction.

Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control

Predictive Cruise Control

This option alone delivers up to a 2 percent improvement in fuel economy, especially if you operate in rolling hills. Unlike standard cruise control which maintains a set speed regardless of the terrain, Predictive Cruise Control employs GPS and 3D digital map technology to anticipate changes in grade up to a mile ahead. Using those inputs, the technology automatically modifies the standard cruise control response in order to maximize fuel economy.

Kenworth Driver Performance Assistant

Predictive Neutral Coast

When paired with an automated manual transmission (AMT), Predictive Cruise Control is integrated with the neutral coast function of the transmission to further enhance fuel economy. Predictive Neutral Coast uses GPS inputs to anticipate when to shift into neutral as the truck approaches and descends hills. During a descent, the system allows the transmission to predict when to re-engage the powertrain and use the engine brake to control speed. As the truck approaches the bottom of the hill and depletes its rolling momentum, the Predictive Cruise Control function kicks in once again, using GPS and velocity inputs to maintain speed.

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