Kenworth Sales Company Welcomes New COO, Rick Greene

Kenworth Sales Company is excited to announce its new Chief Operating Officer, Rick Greene. After 43 faithful years as Kenworth Sales’ COO, Kip Ekker left the company to enjoy retirement with his wife, Karen. Rick Greene filled the role on January 1st.

Rick’s qualifications for the job began more than 20 years ago in 1996 when he became the Branch Manager for Rollins Truck Leasing. Since then Rick has built his career in the trucking industry including leadership experience in leasing, selling, and servicing International, Peterbilt, and Kenworth trucks.

Rick Greene sitting at his desk as the new COO for Kenworth Sales Company
Rick’s most recent experience was leading Kenworth Sales’ PacLease division across the entire company, which includes 22 stores in 7 states.

“I am eager to use my previous experience in my new position at the company,” Rick said. “Kenworth Sales is a robust, growing company and I look forward to nurturing that growth.”

“Rick has a forward-thinking, progressive attitude that will propel our company for many years to come,” Kyle Treadway, President of Kenworth Sales Company. “We couldn’t ask for a better person than Rick to fill the legacy left by Kip. Kenworth Sales is lucky to have him at the helm of our company.”

Kenworth Sales Company was founded in 1945 by the Treadways. With the combined service and support of over 800 employees across 22 different locations. While the nature of the business has evolved from the days of a simple handshake to complex paperwork and “red tape,” Kenworth Sales Company still offers a highly personal approach to customer service.

Kenworth Sales Company is here to assist you with the buying, leasing, renting, financing, servicing, maintaining, licensing, and many other aspects of operating a truck. To learn more about Kenworth Sales Company visit

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