We believe business goes where it is invited and stays where it is welcome. As an industry leader, we provide premium products and superior service to the truck industry. As a responsible steward, we employ fairly, transact ethically, profit reasonably, and share generously.

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About Kenworth Sales Company

Address: Kenworth Sales Company – Corporate
2125 S Constitution Blvd, West Valley City, UT 84119

Fax: (801) 467-3820

Our Values

About Kenworth Sales Company

The handshake is the heart of the deal. We honor:

  • A rich history of community engagement
  • The human touch in team building
  • Best-in-Class products, services, facilities, personnel
  • Integrity, inclusivity and ethical practices

Our Vision

About Kenworth Sales Company

As a multi-generation family owned business we connect truck owners, operators, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and the community, helping each grow responsibly and succeed.

Company History

About Kenworth Sales Company

Kenworth Sales Company was founded in 1945 by the Treadway Family as an intermountain Kenworth Truck dealership. The partnership was organized to carry on general sales, parts and service of trucks used in intra-state and inter-state hauling, construction, and farming under a dealership agreement with the Seattle, Washington based Kenworth Truck Company. With a small staff of family members the Salt Lake City based business incorporated in 1950, and prospered under the friendly work ethic of the Company founders. Expansion came slowly at first, and accelerated in recent years.

About Kenworth Sales Company

We’re proud of our history and look forward to more years of serving this great industry. 3rd and 4th generation owners, employees, vendors and customers look back on a rich tradition – one of quality, fair dealing, friendship and honesty. Like the products we sell – “the World’s Best” – Kenworth Sales Company strives to be the Dealer of choice for truck and tractor operators in our community.

Meet our Corporate Leadership

Kyle Treadway
Serving customers since 1987
Rick Greene
Chief Operating Officer
Serving customers since 2015
Greg Bleazard
Chief Financial Officer
Serving customers since 2016
Bob Sant
Human Resources Director
Serving customers since 2001
Martha Mills
Public Relations / Events Marketing Manager
Serving customers since 2007
Ryan Colby
Corporate Parts Director
Serving customers since 2010
Eric Scott
Corporate Service Director
Serving customers since 2014
Lacie Campbell
Serving customers since 2016
Susan Lujan
Corporate Finance & Insurance Manager
Serving customers since 2002
Spencer Brande
Corporate PacLease Director
Serving customers since 2004
Trevor Pasmann
Corporate Sales Director
Serving customers since 2010
Mikal Byrd
Corporate Trainer
Serving customers since 2019
Scott Mickelsen
Corporate Credit Director
Serving customers since 2019
Jon Baty
Brand / Digital Marketing Manager
Serving customers since 2018

Kenworth Sales Company

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