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Kenworth T680


paccarmx13_engine_viewThe T680 is available with the industry-leading PACCAR MX-13 or PACCAR MX-11.

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t680-frontendConfigure your own T680 by selecting from the many options available. Build according to your specifications and needs.

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When you need real-time diagnostics to maximize uptime, Kenworth TruckTech+ and NAV+HD comes equipped in the T680.


Get real-time feedback and coaching tips on how to maximize fuel economy and brake life.


KW Predictive Cruise Control utilizes GPS data to anticipate topographic changes, and adjusts RPM and speed so that fuel economy is maximized.


Forward radar monitors and maintains a constant following distance from any slower-moving vehicle ahead.  This feature can also anticipate and act to avoid an imminent collision.


When your truck needs attention, PremierCare Gold Certified dealers provide quick professional service.

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t680-advantageThe T680 Advantage package is loaded with mechanical and exterior design features to maximize fuel efficiency.

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Kenworth’s integrated powertrain has been engineered to maximize fuel economy, reliability and performance while delivering The World’s Best® driving experience. Components work together seamlessly to lower engine RPMs — regardless of road speed, reducing friction and fuel consumption yet delivering all the power drivers demand.
Start with the PACCAR MX-13 engine, pound for pound the most efficient powerplant ever designed for heavy-duty trucks. The 10-speed automated manual transmission takes the guesswork out of shifting, reduces fatigue and simplifies operation for drivers of all experience levels.
PACCAR’s new 40K tandem rear axle — the industry’s premier line haul axle — is precisely matched to deliver power to the asphalt with minimum loss. Featuring an advanced, robust design that trims vehicle weight by up to 150 pounds, the PACCAR axle delivers more fuel efficiency, uptime and payload.

Kenworth T680 Paccar Drivetrain

Engine Options

Powering the Kenworth T680 are the high quality and reliability of the PACCAR MX engines. The 12.9-liter PACCAR MX-13 engine is designed to meet the demands of linehaul heavy duty truck applications — delivering the increased horsepower and torque needed to move large payloads with ease, even on steep grades. The 10.8-liter, six-cylinder, in-line PACCAR MX-11 engine is perfect for weight sensitive pickup and delivery, less-than truckload and regional applications.

Paccar MX-13

Kenworth T880 Paccar MX-13

MX-13 Ratings

Engine HorsepowerPeak Torque lb-ft @ rpm
4051,450 @ 900
4301,550 @ 900
4301,450/1,650 @ 900*
4551,650 @ 900
4551,550/1,750 @ 900*
4851,650 @ 1000
5101,850 @ 1,100

Paccar MX-11

Kenworth T880 Paccar MX-11

MX-11 Ratings

Engine HorsepowerPeak Torque lb-ft @ rpm
3351,150 @ 900
3551,250 @ 900
3751,350 @ 900
4001,450 @ 900
4151,550 @ 900
4301,450/1,650 @ 900*
4301,650 @ 900

Kenworth T680 Advantage

Start with the most highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul tractor, the Kenworth T680. Add special factory-installed aerodynamic enhancements for the tractor that combine to reduce drag to an absolute minimum. Optimize the powertrain with a PACCAR MX-13 engine, an automated transmission and fuel efficient PACCAR drive axles. Incorporate Kenworth’s Idle Management System, which eliminates the need to run the truck for off-duty temperature control. And integrate real-time reporting technology to help the driver run in the sweet spot for maximum fuel efficiency. Kenworth luxury, craftsmanship, reliability and driver satisfaction also come as part of the deal.

Kenworth T680 Advantage

Kenworth T680

• Most advanced and aerodynamic truck ever produced by Kenworth
• Front air dams, longer side extenders and chassis fairing extenders, rear chassis fairing design and exhaust cut-out covers are now standard.

PACCAR Engines

• 13-liter and 11-liter displacements available to meet all applications
• High efficiency engine for optimized fuel economy
• High Pressure common rail fuel system
• Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) for improved strength and reduced weight

Eaton Advantage Transmission

• Automated manual or manual
• Provides optimized shifting
• Fully integrated with PACCAR Engines

PACCAR Drive Axles

• Lightweight Design
• High efficiency 6×4 drive axels to improve fuel economy
• Optional Aerodynamic Enhancements:
• Wheel Covers
• Tandem Fairings

Fuel Saving Intelligence

• Tire Pressure Monitoring System
• Predictive Cruise Control
• Predictive Neutral Coast
• Driver Rewards

Kenworth Idle Management System

• No-idle sleeper air conditioning system
• Optional fuel fired heater
• Optional auto start/stop system


One look and you know: A Kenworth T680 is The Driver’s Truck. Its bold, sweeping lines wrap a world-class cabin equal to fine automobiles. Where groundbreaking technology and true ergonomic comfort elevate the driving experience while reducing fatigue. Where space, elegant design, fine craftsmanship and an abundance of luxury details define the environment. And where drivers can feel completely at home wherever the road might take them.

40 Inch Flat Top Sleeper


For applications where length and tare weight are at a premium, Kenworth’s 40-inch sleeper is a perfect match. It offers a compact, yet comfortable sleeping environment, 22 cubic feet of storage space, overhead shelves, a cell phone cubby and extra large coat hooks specifically designed to hold hard hats as well as coats.


52 Inch Mid-Roof Sleeper


When the schedule requires a layover, the Kenworth’s 52-inch sleeper is a welcome sanctuary. It measures 8 feet wide with a generous walk-through and stand-up-and-stretch headroom. Also available with an aerodynamic roof fairing.


76 Inch Mid-Roof Sleeper


For lower-profile and weight-sensitive applications, the Kenworth T680 with a 76-inch mid-roof sleeper reduces weight by 100 lbs. The spacious sleeper can be ordered with either the optional back wall storage system or folding upper bunk to meet your individual needs.


76 Inch High-Roof Sleeper


The Kenworth T680 with a 76-inch sleeper is the ultimate driver’s truck.  Offering a spacious, modern and elegant interior with configurable options that personalize — and heighten — the dricing experience.  It’s also a great place to work or just relax.

Kenworth T680 High Roof Sleeper

This Is Your Kenworth.

Kenworth trucks are still custom-built from the ground up to match your specifications, your loads and your lifestyle. Resulting in a superior level of craftsmanship and luxury. Personalize your 76-inch sleeper with the following options to create a customized “fit” to meet your needs.


Sturdy work/ dining table swivels for easy access from bunk or passenger seat (which rotates 105 degrees).


A spacious on-top organizer for keys, cell phone and other necessities; hand-hold cubby for stable access to upper bunk.


TV wall mount for flat screen monitors up to 23 inches; extends and revolves for viewing from anywhere.


Large capacity, drawer-style refrigerator/freezer mounted at mid-level for wide open access without bending over.


Upper storage unit includes a tie-down to accommodate your microwave.


A larger under-wardrobe cabinet shown with optional door; easily removable for added convenience.

Interior Colors and Options

The T680 is available in two interior trim levels, the Vantage and the Diamond VIT. Offered in Slate Gray or Tan, either choice comes with three shades of vinyl plus a complementary trim color.

Vantage Interior
Diamond VIT Interior

Kenworth Seats

As a true driver’s truck, the T680 offers The World’s Best seating arrangements – superior in comfort, adjustability, ride suspension and personal climate control. Upholstery choices include durable vinyl, cloth, Ultraleather and premium leather coverings.

Key Features and Options
Advanced SuspensionBenefit
Micro Adjustable DampingSet exactly the ride feel you want.
Suspension Travel Protection ZoneAvoid harsh bump stops.
Base Extension with Independent Full TiltOptimize both leg comfort and recline angle.
Weight Compensating Auto Level and MemoryNo need to readjust for different size drivers.
Height Independent AdjustabilityMaximum comfort at all heights.
Upper Back AdjustabilityProvides spine-matching contouring.
Adjustable Side BolstersCustomizable side-to-side support.
HeatingWarmth in the winter.
CoolingCooling comfort in the summer.
Replaceable CushionsKeep your seats looking and feeling new.
Adjustability and Comfort Features
Seat Covering Options


“I haven’t been this excited about truck specs in a long time. Our newest spec saves weight, provides nearly a 20 percent boost in fuel economy in our tanker fleet and a 15 percent bump in our freight fleet, and has our drivers raving about the comfort… We drive 4.2 million miles per year, and each 5 percent jump in fuel economy gives us a 1 percent gain to our bottom line…”

-Adam Lindsay, Vice President, Alpha Transport, Salt Lake City

“The T680 is a really nice truck to drive, with a comfortably sized cab and excellent steering response. Perhaps the most (or least) noticeable aspect of the truck is how quiet it is. Driving the truck was simply a joy. It’s easy to maneuver but very solid feeling. It smooths out the bumps and jolts, but it’s not sloppy about it, and you never lose the feeling of where the wheels are on the road. My short drive left me wanting more, but my impression was that this truck could set ride and driver environment benchmarks for some time to come.”

-Jim Park, Equipment Editor,

“I first saw the T680 at the 2012 Mid-America Trucking when it was first unveiled… I talked with Preston Feight (Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing) and his enthusiasm for the T680 was contagious. He was very passionate about how the truck was engineered from the ground up and designed with drivers in mind. He showed me every detail and that stuck with me as I looked at other trucks at the show. I didn’t see anything that compared to the T680.”

– Matt Handte, Executive Vice President for Tribe Transportation,  Georgia

“I just had to switch from a 680 to a [Freightliner] Cascadia. I miss my KW. The differences are all in the details… I feel the 680 is better thought out in those details than the Cascadia.”

– Errol V, Driver, Moderator at

“It is good to see the manufacturers cater to the 5′ female. Our 780 and the T680 allow [Danielle, wife] to easily get a comfortable driving position and reach all switches.”

– Jack Mayer, contributor,


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    Hi I’m working on getting a T660 (2015) I don’t like the HP on engine 425 but sales person is telling me that the truck is equipped with ST (smart torque) and honestly I don’t know what she is talking about!!! Can you explain that to me please

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    my name is Charlene Gomez and my boyfriend and I are looking into leasing a automatic semi truck. I’m doing the research for him while he is out on the road. if you could please email me back on pricing to lease one. and if you have any questions that way I can relay to him. thank you

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