Classic Trucks – A Looking Glass Into The Past

Look what we here at Kenworth Sales Company found! An image collection of 30+ Classic Trucks ranging from a milk-bottle shaped delivery truck to spaceship inspired buses and everything in-between.

We always enjoy looking through the looking glass to see the rich history trucks have played in our past. We hope you do too.In the first set of images you’ll see the following classic trucks:

  1. Flyer Bus
  2. Daimler Benz Bus
  3. Fire Truck
  4. Spaceship Bus
  5. Milk Cream Delivery Truck
  6. Hills Bros Coffee Truck
  7. Moving Trucks
  8. Trucks from Culver City 1948
  9. Blatz Milwaukee Beer Truck
  10. Milk Man Truck

In the second set of images you’ll see the following classic trucks:

  1. Jay Thorpe Truck
  2. Cake Delivery Truck
  3. International Truck
  4. Milk Bottle Dairy Delivery Truck
  5. Pony Beer Depot Keg Delivery Truck
  6. Miller High Life Cruiser
  7. Bus Truck
  8. Twine Delivery Truck
  9. Parmelee Brothers Dairy Truck
  10. White Farm Dairy Truck

In the last set of images you’ll see the following classic trucks:

  1. Red Labatts Truck
  2. German Kienzle Truck
  3. Wisconsin Ice & Coal Delivery Dump
  4. General Motors Truck – Parade of Progress
  5. Schlitz Delivery Truck
  6. LTD Truck
  7. Castlebank Truck
  8. 1930s Streamliner
  9. Labatts Truck
  10. Coca Cola Truck
  11. Renault Limited
  12. Texaco Truck
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