Kenworth Adds 52-Inch Flat Roof Sleeper Option 

Kenworth is rolling out 52-inch flat roof sleeper cabs for Class 8 trucks that require a low roof. This includes heavy-duty trucks used with cranes, pumps, and car haulers. These sleeper cabs are available on T680, T880, and W990 models.

Kenworth engineers didn’t stop at cabs when lowering the height of these heavy-duty trucks. This cab is designed to work with their new 6.5-inch ride height AG400L suspension, which is two inches lower than previous models. The W990 and T880S also have a 5-inch drop axle option. That’s 1.5 inches lower than a standard front axle. The fuel tanks are only 22.5 inches in diameter, increasing ground clearance. The W990 with this cab has a horizontal tailpipe running along the right side of the cab from the DPF/SCR, like the T680 and T880. An optional under rail exhaust system is an option on the T680 and T880, and vertical stacks are available on all trucks. Tire options include 275/80R22.5 front tires and 255/70R22.5 rear tires, or 295/60R22.5 tires front and back.

The new cab is 2.1 meters (6 feet 10 inches) wide and 4 feet 8 inches tall. It’s fully trimmed and comes with triple-sealed doors to reduce noise. There’s also a 15-inch digital display and the option of a SmartWheel steering wheel, which has integrated cruise and radio controls. Of course, you can get all the latest driving assistance features, including collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control. On the outside, under door lights illuminate the steps and the ground around the cab. Upfit kits are available for remote PTO controls and both air and light connections for trailers.