Kenworth is proud to introduce its brand new medium duty truck line including straight trucks and tractor models. This is the newest update of their medium duty truck since 2007, but it was worth the wait!

A Truck That Drives Like a Car

Those that have already had the chance to drive the new medium duty excitedly describe the new model as having ‘car-like’ drivability. The next characteristic that drivers notice is the increased visibility and 2.1-meter-wide driver’s spacious cab. The versatility of the new model makes it suitable for a multitude of uses:

  • Cargo and reefer van 
  • Beverage truck
  • Tow and recovery 
  • Utility fleet
  • Government fleet

 Raised or lowered roof designs are available with the lower roof measuring 63 inches, ideal for height-restricted applications.

Improved Ergonomics

In the past, Kenworth medium duty trucks lacked interior space and extra seating. Collecting feedback from drivers and operators across multiple industries helped Kenworth engineers to improve the ergonomics of the new medium duty truck line- a wider cab! That’s right, The new medium duty provides space for three people with a choice of high or medium-back seats.

A Safe Ride

Because the cab is wider, a larger windshield could be fitted to the front of the cab. Paired with a lowered dashboard and a new sloping hood this new front end provides better visibility for what is directly in front of the driver. Using the latest in soundproofing technology the new interior design includes a 50% reduction in noise for a comfortable and satisfying driving experience.

A Mix of Conventional and Modern

Alongside analog speed, tachometer, oil pressure, and coolant temperature gauges on the instrument panel is a 7-inch digital display. This new digital display is configurable by the driver to display the specific information that is important to each driver- the information you want when you need it.


Kenworth’s 2021 medium duty trucks are available with a 380 horsepower Paccar PX-9 engine or the 325 horsepower Paccar PX-7 engine. Having these options gives you the choice of performance for your exact needs.

Automatic Transmission

The PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission now comes standard with an automotive-style column shifter! Mounted on the right side of the steering column, the shifter controls the transmission for Drive, Neutral, Reverse, Manual mode, and engine brake.

Other innovations include:

  • A stainless steel ‘aero’ grille with design and material features that offer protection from the harsh elements.
    • An air intake system mounted on the engine (under the hood) that decreases noise in the cab
    • A hydraulic clutch designed for smooth operation and ease of use for the driver
    • Kenworth SmartWheel (optional) to easily access controls without leaving the steering wheel
    • A newly designed throttle pedal built to lessen driver fatigue
    • Column mounted transmission shifter providing increased convenience and safety

    Finally, the innovative work of Kenworth engineers continues to set a new standard for the world of medium duty trucks. Together with creativity and feedback from drivers, the new medium duty line-up will upgrade the way you do business.