T880 Construction and Chrome Program

Construction season is coming up and what better way to take it on with a new Kenworth T880 Construction and Chrome program from Kenworth? For March 2017, Kenworth is offering $1000 savings straight to the customer for new T880 purchases and an additional $2,000 with chrome or polished options!

“We appreciate the support for the Kenworth T880 from construction truck operators. The T880 Construction and Chrome program provides a $1,000 cost-savings opportunity to purchase a premium Kenworth T880 – designed to maximize uptime, productivity and driver comfort – and also add some nice chrome and polished features at no cost,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.”

Some of the chrome or polished items include stainless steel sunvisor, tapered chrome or polished aluminum bumper, chrome mirror shells, and more.

To learn more about this March 2017 only incentive, visit Kenworth for details. When you’re ready to buy, reach out to any one of our 21 locations and get your new chromed Kenworth T880!