Many fleets in the trucking industry face the glaring challenge to recruit and retain drivers. With the evolution of truck technology and regulations, it requires a more versatile and driver focused truck to grow as a company.  The best drivers require the best truck. MC Carrier in Las Vegas, NV has learned first hand the value created by taking the time to spec a truck tailored around a drivers needs.  The goal is to attract better talent with a long term employer/employee relationship. Given the long hours spent on the road for line haul drivers, the T680 provides the right tool to attract good talent.

MC Carrier is a fast growing trucking and transportation company based out of Las Vegas, NV.  The company started out with 2 trucks being driven by partners John Lupusor and Cristian Margineanu in 2012. Their entry into the trucking industry was the result of having felt the ills of the financial crisis causing a down turn in the construction business they owned during that time. In response to the effects on the construction industry the partners identified a business opportunity that could be scaled to fit their goals. Five years later, with the recent delivery of 3 T680 sleepers from Kenworth Sales Company Las Vegas, MC Carrier has grown to a 55 truck fleet. They expect to receive 17 more T680 Sleepers from Kenworth Sales Company throughout 2017. MC Carrier has 10 automatic and 10 manual transmissions of the 20 T680 sleepers on order in the pipeline to balance out the experienced with the up and coming driver pools.  John and Chris have expressed their appreciation for the positive sales process they have experienced including the service provided by New Truck Salesman AJ Rowe. John, Chris, and AJ were able to take a tour of the Kenworth factory in Chillicothe, Ohio on April 26th. They were all impressed by the incredibly intricate process involved in manufacturing a T680 tractor part by part, piece by piece, as the cab & chassis progressed from station to station with a combination of hand tightened precision as well as robotic engineering expertise. The detailed precision of the robots assembling a cab structure was a highlight for John and Chris.

Kenworth Sales Company and MC Carrier look forward to a growing partnership keeping the best trucks on the road to attract the best talent possible!

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