Kenworth Sales’ KWS Customs Release

Big news! Kenworth Sales has started a new brand of custom trucks called KWS Customs. The first Special Edition was just sold to a lucky owner operator. Owner operator standing in front of his new truck purchase

KWS Customs logo

Special Edition 001 featured a three color custom paint scheme from the factory with a color coordinated frame. A thirteen inch drop visor was installed and was painted to match the cab. Stainless steel half fenders were added and also painted to match the cab.

The fender guards feature a custom painted inlay. The interior chrome piece was also painted the featured color.

The fuel tanks and def cover were wrapped in vinyl to match. The stock amber colored clearance and turn signal lights were switched out for clear lights and added an additional four clearance lights on top of the cab.

The final touch is a KWS Customs Special Edition 001 badge on the glove box.

A limited number will be made each year and no two will be alike. Special Edition 002 should hit our showroom floor in July. Stay tuned…

black w900 with light blue accent color

close up view of KWS Customs badge



  • Leonard Whitaker lll| May 23, 2018 at 6:54 amReply

    Beautiful Machine! I’ve always loved Kenworth W900 trucks legacy and this is a sharp special addition! One question though, are they going to make this KWS Custom in a day can?!

    • Kelsey Halls| May 29, 2018 at 8:05 amReply

      The KWS Customs Special Editions will all be this same spec with different color schemes. However, we build custom trucks all the time and would be happy to build you a day cab – it just won’t be a numbered limited edition.

      Special Edition 002 will be here in July. We’ll keep you posted…

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