Kenworth Sales Sponsors Two Elementary Schools

In accordance with Kenworth Sales Company’s (KWS) mission statement, the company strives to improve the community that surrounds it. In the past ten years Kenworth Sales has adopted two neighboring elementary schools, Stansbury and Hillsdale. In addition to the company’s annual fund raising event, KWS sponsored both schools at tour of the University of Utah. The tour included a performance by Black Violin, two violinists dedicated to breaking down stereotypes. The performance focused on helping the children understand that they are capable of challenging the their own stereotypes and accomplishing their dreams.

Kenworth Sales Employees with Elementary School Children

Child playing the violin for the first time

three academics showing string instruments to elementary school children

Two violinist playing to an audience of elementary school children

After the performance, the students were given lunch and a presentation by Robin Wilks-Dunn, Community Engagement Manager for UtahPresents, Johnathan Cardenas and Rob Dunn, two graduate students in the Fine Arts Department at the university. They discussed opportunities for scholarships, defined the differences between majors, and helped the kids understand their potential for secondary education. The students were then allowed to interact with the instruments, holding them and playing them with some instruction from Cardenas and Dunn. an opportunity that is otherwise unlikely unavailable to these children.

After the instrument demonstration, the students walked around the university campus, becoming familiar with student life and hopefully peaking their interest in academia. Four Kenworth Sales employees volunteered their time to lead groups of children on tours of the campus: Kyle Carter, Martha Mills, Breana Kimmins, and Zane Butterfield.

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