Kenworth Sales Co Employees Throw Party For “Brave Ben” – Set To Work Building Playhouse

Kenworth Sales’ number one value is community support. We believe in being a contributing member of the community we are located in. Every year we build charitable contributions into each of our 22 stores’ budgets and require that these are given to the charity the employees at that store choose.

As the Salt Lake location employees were looking for charities to contribute to, they came across Make-a-Wish Utah. A very special little boy named Ben made a wish last December. This sweet boy loves the color red and big trucks and made a wish for a new playhouse for him and his little sister, Izzy. Ben has been battling stage 4 neuroblastoma over the last year and is gratefully in remission.

With that kind of wish, our employees were hooked. They set the date for Ben’s party, picked him and his parents up in a big red T680 truck – every boy’s dream – and threw him a party.

Mike Kitchen, Salt Lake Service Manager, took the three of them on a drive in the T680 and dropped Ben off at his party at our Salt Lake store, where his friends and family gathered to surprise him and enjoy waffles and chicken nuggets provided by Chick-fil-A, a favorite food combination for this 5-year-old boy.

The party included presents, coloring books, sidewalk chalk, and lots of fun things for Ben’s friends and family to enjoy.

At the party, Ben was presented with his proclamation letting him know that his wish was granted. The good people at Make-a-Wish spoke with Ben and his parents to decide on the details of the playhouse and will start building it in the next couple weeks.

We were honored to share this special day with Ben and his family. What a strong, happy little man who has already endured and persevered through so much more than many adults. We are glad to have met and associated with Ben and his family and we keep our thoughts and prayers with them as they continue to recover. You can follow his progress on his Facebook page, Brave Ben’s Brigade.