Phase 2 of the FMCSA ELD (Electronic Logging Device) rules implementation is fast approaching. Beginning December 18, 2017, carriers and drivers subject to the rule must use ELDs that are self-certified and registered with FMCSA, or AOBRDs (Automatic On Board Recording Devices) that were installed prior to the December 18th deadline.

Drivers must understand and be able to use ELDs by the required deadline, including how to annotate and edit RODS (Record of Duty Status), certify RODS, and collect required supporting documents. Drivers must also know how to display and transfer data to safety officials when requested.

Exemptions are allowed for the following:

1) Drivers who use paper logs no more than 8 days during any 30-day period.

2) Driveaway-towaway drivers (where the vehicle driven is the commodity) or the vehicle being transported is a motor home or a recreation vehicle trailer (at least one set of wheels of the vehicle being transported must be on the surface while being transported)

3) Drivers operating commercial vehicles older than model year 2000, as identified by the vehicle identification number.


In December of 2019, full compliance with the ELD rule will take effect.

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