Kenworth Sales Company Lewiston Grand Re-Opening

Store front with mountain landscape in background

Kenworth Sales Lewiston After Remodel

Dated store front with semitrucks parked in front

Kenworth Sales Lewiston Before Remodel

The Kenworth Sales Company Lewiston, Idaho location grand re-opening held on September 27th was a huge success. Nearly 200 people came to see the improvements.  Twelve vendors attended the open house with booths including Protech, Techtran, Eaton, Cummins, Vionic, Outback Flashlights, SAF Holland, SafeTruck, and Weller.

Renovations included an additional 10,000 square feet of space to help meet the needs of Lewiston customers.  This expansion included training facilities which allows the Lewiston location to now offer customer training, vendor training, and technical training on site.

“The most important message we can send to our clients is that we built this facility for them,” said Ric Petersen, District Manager for the Spokane District.

“Our goal here is most importantly to listen to what our customers’ needs and wants are and then deliver on those requests,” Petersen continued.  “We understand all of our customers are different, so it is important that we don’t say ‘we have done this for them,’ but rather, ‘what can we do for you,’ that’s our goal.”

Secured parking and easier access were priorities in the new design.  “If a truck can’t get to our store easily and isn’t protected while we’re working on it, it doesn’t matter what else we do,” Pat Fidler, Service Manager said.  “We made this a top priority.”

“We wanted to make sure that this remodel was practical for the present, but looked forward to Lewiston’s future,” Petersen stated.  “We are proud to have such a long history in Lewiston and want to continue our tradition of helping our customers.  We’re excited to be better able to do that with this new space.”

The Lewiston location better serves its customers’ needs by nearly doubling the amount of inventory carried at the location.  All 12 parts employees are knowledgeable and ready to assist customers.  Aaron Brown, Parts Manager, has trained his staff to be ready to help customers with whatever necessities they have.   Inventory in a warehouse Man on phone at parts counter Truck parts inventory on shelves with forklift and oporator Man at counter with inventory in background

“We’re here to help the people in the area,” Brown said.  “We want to make sure customers are taken care of so they come back again and again.  We want to be their advocates for all of their parts needs.”

In an effort to better serve those needs, the service and parts departments extended their hours.  They are now open from 7am-12am Monday-Friday and 8am-4:30pm on Saturdays.  “We’re the only facility open late at night and on Saturdays and we did it all for our customers,” Ric said.

Before the remodel, Kenworth Sales Lewiston had only 9 service bays.  Today there are 16 full service bays, including two Certified LNG bays.  The 11 service technicians are extremely qualified and ready to help their long standing customers as well as new companies.

Kenworth Sales gained Pat Fidler, Service Manager, with the Baker Truck Line acquisition in 2006.  Pat has over 40 years of experience.  His years make servicing trucks second nature to him.  “I’m happy when the customers are happy,” Pat said.  “We understand that a down truck is dollars lost and we want to help you get back on the road as fast as possible.”

The Lewiston location has 27 total employees including office staff, parts professionals, and service technicians.  “We have recently built this team and I think we have all the right people.”  Ric commented.  “We have a lot of young talent which is excellent in my point of view.  It’s great to see young people with new ideas come in and enhance and supplement the way us old guys have done things.”

If you missed the open house, stop by any time.  The Lewiston staff is always happy to show off the new store.  See more pictures of the event by clicking here, and check out Kenworth Sales Lewiston on Facebook.


 Three business men conversing at a table at the Kenworth Sales Lewiston Grand Re-Opening  Three Kenworth trucks outside the Kenworth Sales Lewiston location  Three female employees at Kenworth Sales Company Table Lewiston Employees in front of Lewistion store

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    Good Luck Guys!

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